Your Hosts

Nick and Maggie were the english speaking owners.


Maggie Oliphant-Justice

Her training in ancient history and experience as a lecturer in the galleries of the British Museum led Maggie to work in Turkey, where for several years she took tours to archaeological sites.

She has written and edited popular works on the ancient world, and lived for several years in Italy.

The style of The Muses House reflected her love and knowledge of Turkey and neighbouring countries.

Maggie is also an excellent cook.


Nick Justice

Nick is a New Zealander, with degrees in engineering, who worked in the aerospace industry in Canada, the USA and the UK.

18 years ago he founded an internet company which is still running and now, partly retired, he brought to The Muses House a combination of technical, IT and management skills.

A trained pilot and keen diver, Nick has travelled extensively, and as an enthusiastic cook, his culinary style has been influenced by his journeys to the Far East and Pacific.